An Armenian Short Film Festival


A short film festival was held in Gyumri, Armenia’s second largest city, which created a social dialogue rooted in understanding and curiosity. The audience was presented with three directors at Kasa Centre and their short films at an event organized by Gayane Astoyan. Each director highlighted three different issues, the first was the feelings of personal isolation, the second social isolation, and lastly a combination of the two, but more importantly we have the resulting difference between them.

But does it reflect back to what we see in Armenian society?

And why did these directors choose to focus on these specific topics?

By comparing the deeper meanings of each film I will explain why I came to the conclusion that there will be an exponential impact on society on account of today’s creative platforms, the Internet, and miscellaneous progress paved thus far by artists and cultural leaders.

Feelings of isolation will therefore decrease as the artistic community becomes stronger and more accessible. Quarantines will gradually fade out thanks to cultural and creative leaders and their communities.


Martin Poghosyan brings an intriguing short film to the screen, entitled “The Nameless.”

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