Workshops on conflict management and mediation were initiated and led by the participants of the project “MEDIATE FOR DIALOGUE”. The project participants presented tools and techniques  for conflict management and mediation to their local communities, especially to the young people, thus breaking through the isolation between the local Armenians and Syrian Armenians.
The workshops were followed by the discussions about the major social and cultural issues and factors that interfered with the dialogue process of these communities. The discussions were facilitated by the project participants in cooperation with the project experts. Due to efficient facilitation and analysis of problems the community members managed to see and understand their counterparts’ viewpoints.  As a result the workshop participants were able to find a common ground for their divergent positions. Eventually they took steps forward to dialogue processes and toward building an understanding, interacting and peaceful community.    

The workshops were held from December, 2018 to March,2019  in the colleges, universities, schools of the project participants, as well as in local educational centers, cultural studios and debate centers.  Some of the workshops were held in cooperation with local educational centers:
 “Nor Luys” mentoring center and  “Little Prince” educational center.













Financial and educational support by EYF.