Migration-View from inside. Application form

"Migration-View from inside" training course supported by European Youth Foundation (EYF) is going to take place in Gyumri, Armenia.

Dates - 19-24 January.

Implementation place - "Arax" hotel, Gyumri, Armenia.

Who can apply? - 18-30 years old young people (citizens of RA and Armenia based migrants) regardless of gender.

Costs - the accomodation, food costs are covered by the Organization.

The project highlights the problems of the discontent, stereotypical and discriminative attitudes toward the immigrants in the community of Amrenia.

Our project aims are to:

> promote dialogue between the communities of  hosting countries  and immigrants   
> to equip  young people from Gyumri, Armenia and  Syrian young immigrants with knowledge of intercultural dialogue,
   respect, tolerance and leadership skills through non-formal education.
> provide 20 young people with journalistic, interviewing and photo-making skills.
> raise awareness of the local communities of Gyumri, Armenia, and other young people from other cities of Armenia  by
organizing exhibitions in Gyumri, Yerevan, Vanadzor, Ejmiacin,  Abovyan, Ashtarak.

Please find the application form here

Good luck!