Migration-View from Inside

A training course on intercommunal, intercultural dialogue, identity and stereotypes was held in the frames of the project  "Migration-View from Inside" in Gyumri, Armenia, in Januray 2017.



Both local Armenian and Syrian -Armenian young people participated in the training course.
The aims of the project were to  
> promote dialogue, respect, tolerance between the two communities
> provide young people with journalistic, interviewing and photo-making skills.
The participants had interviews  with Syrian-Armenian families and individuals, learnt about the hardships they went through while fleeing from the war and arriving in Armenia. The Syrian-Armenians shared  about the various difficulties they had while restarting and re-establishing their life in Armenia. 
A photo-exhibition was organized in Gyumri on the last day of the training course, the partcipants kindly presented their interviews and family stories to journalists and answered their questions, thus spreading the information about the project and raise awareness about the prolems that Syrian-Armenians face in Armenia. 














  Supported and funded by EYF