Short-Film Festival in Gyumri

I&W organized Short-Film Festival in Gyumri, Armenia in September, 2015.
The aim of the festival was to build dialogue between film-directors of Gyumri and its society.  Armenians and Americans were participating in the film-festival.
The Festival opened up an interesting platform for the intercultural dialogue between the representatives of Armenian and American cultures.

Below you can find the article written by an American freelance journalist, Allison Gangi.


( Each director highlighted three different issues, the first was the feelings of personal isolation, the second social isolation,
and lastly a combination of the two, but more importantly we have the resulting difference between them.

But does it reflect back to what we see in Armenian society?)


The problems that seemed to be social for Armenians, turned out to be cultural, inherent in the Armenian identity, from the point of view of Americans.

The Film–festival allowed us to see the importance of cultural diversity. At some point the outsider can  see our culture better than we can do,
because he/ she is like a baby that is trying to understand or penetrate into the depths of some strange things that have become a norm for us,
so natural that we don’t question or even doubt their wrongness. But when we step in some other cultural life pattern and try to understand,
we have a choice to realize what is wrong or right or beautiful or ugly.
This is something we cannot do with our own culture.