Our Mission

Everything starts with us; whether it is a dialogue or a conflict, it is about our own identity and perception of the world, our place in the society and in the world.
Identity & Worldview Youth Organization is a union of  friendly and enthusiastic young people with a strife to change our society for the better, to contribute to the creation of a friendly environment for the youth and teenagers.

Members of our organization are  teachers, artists, trainers, cultural managers and social workers. We  have implemented  different social and cultural projects and camps  at schools and universities in Armenia and abroad. In the course of our work, we have found out that young people and teenagers  are facing various problems with the solution of which they stand alone. We have witnessed that the sources of most problems are the lack of knowledge about respect, tolerance, diversity, dialogue in the result of which most young people become culturally or socially isolated.

Our  mission  is to 
>  educate and support teenagers and young people of  Caucasus, Europe and Middle East to become more self-sustained and independent
>  develop young people's critical and analytical thinking
>  contibute to the formation of active civil society
>  widen young people's worldview in terms of cultural diversity;raise awareness about respect, tolerance, understanding of other cultures interpersonal, intersocial and intercultural dialogue